1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: Mac Miller Reacts To Lord Finesse's $10 Million Lawsuit.


    Last night news broke that D.I.T.C. legend Lord Finesse has sued hugely popular rap young'un Mac Miller , seeking $10 million for Miller's unauthorized use of the instrumental to Finesse's 1995 single "Hip 2 Da Game" for "Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza" - the song (and 24 million times-viewed music video) that essentially launched Miller's career. Seemingly blindsided by the lawsuit, a disappointed Miller / @MacMiller took to The Twitter shortly afterwards and shared some thoughts on his past conversations with Finesse, and sample clearance ethics...

    [ NOTE: Tweets displayed in chronological order; we realize 4 traditionally comes before 5...]

    Exhibit A...

    Lord Finesse - "Hip 2 Da Game" (Penalty, 1995)

    Exhibit B...


    Mac Miller - "Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza" (Rostrum, 2010)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • recordvulture

      mac miller aint fit to hold finnesse's jockstrap.

    • Ivan the Terrible

      I agree recordvulture. I'd say this to mini miller; Beat it kid...you bother me!

    • David Robinson

      Mac Miller is sample snitching!

    • Riley

      Seems like Mac is in the right and Finesse is in the wrong...just hard because Finesse is a legend and Mac is such a bro tool.

    • SunnyMeadowz

      Trying to call Finesse out for not clearing a jazz record that he then flipped and turned into a hip hop jam is weak. Straight jacking someone else's hip hop record to make another hip hop record is not equivalent whatsoever.

    • Mizurk

      This is really sad. Finesse is a legend, but for the legendary beatdigger to be suing some young rapper for using his instrumental on a mixtape is downright pitiful and smacks of desperation (for dollars).
      Don't get me wrong, Mac Miller can't hold a candle to any of the DITC Crew, but what he did - rapping over an instrumental on a freely distributed mixtape - is the very basis everything Finesse used to represent, and everything that was great about the culture before the major labels came in and ruined everything. The whole notion that this should result in some sort of big cash payout for him is straight-up ridiculous.

    • recordvulture

      I think finesse is just making a point(i would defend that man to the bitter end-just sayin)he can't be hurtin for money that bad-he gotta have a check comin for that suicidal thoughts beat and the party and bullshit remix!!!not to mention touring overseas where they still appreciate quality hip hop!!!

    • Chunk

      Didn't they decide this already with J-Lo's ripping off the Beatnuts' jam "Watch Out Now?" Seems like Miller better be ready to pay out some cash, regardless of Oscar Peterson's (estate) take.

    • dopey china man

      yea, finesse didn't clear that sample, right. why didn't you rhyme on that original oscar peterson record.

    • Flashius

      Shame on the people around Mac Miller who don't punch him in the face on the daily.