1. WATCH: Mac Mall ft. Ray Luv — “Rebellion Against All There Is” (Music Video).

    Bay Area rap vet Mac Mall is well respected and for good reason. Not only was he down with legends Tupac Shakur and Mac Dre but the man has maintained a 20-year career in the music game — no easy feat by any stretch of the imagination. His latest effort is entitled The Rebellion Against All There Is and the title track (featuring Ray Luv) is the lead single. Reunited with Illegal Business? producer Khayree, the galvanizing song and accompanying music video is a call to action against the powers that be over a mesmerizing track. The political-minded lyrics hold nothing back: “… Me against the unjust judicial slave traders / Me against the corporate environmental rapists / The government they hate us / We elect politicians for pay off but they betray us / The system run by sadists…” Lookin’ beyond skin color, Mac Mall is rebellin’ against the real evil. Is you ridin’?


    (Props to Matthew Africa .)

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