1. UPDATE: Ma Dukes To Authenticate Recovered J Dilla Record Collection.


    The Detroit News reports that Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey plans to meet with the owners of Detroit area record store UHF to authenticate the collection of found records believed to have belonged to her late son, James Yancey, a/k/a, J Dilla. According to UHF Records' owners, their attempts to reach Mrs. Yancey were initially unheeded because, "she told me she has many people trying to scam her, she thought it was another scam." The discussion and publicity the story has provoked on the Internet prompted her eventual response.

    "I'm not upset. I feel like it was a blessing if they really are Dilla's," said Yancy. "I'm not angry about it at all. I'm grateful. [Bubeck] has done nothing wrong, he just acquired something that seemed to be useful to a lot of people."

    It was announced Wednesday that UHF Records of Royal Oak, MI had begun selling off records from Dilla's collection after recovering them from an abandoned storage unit , prompting a flood of negative reaction over the Internet. With the assistance of Ma Dukes, plans are now being made to verify the records in the collection, with a portion of the proceeds of their sale going to Dilla's family and the Dilla Foundation. Additionally, Dilla's personal property recovered in the storage unit along with the records - including lyric books and beat tapes - will not be offered for sale.

    [via The Detroit News ]

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      This is such an amazing story and it seems to be coming to a completely logical/Just conclusion....I just recoverd some blood to my stoney heart. The Most High might not be dead after all.