1. AUDIO: Luv NY ft. Kool Keith & Roc Marciano – “Pressure Up.”

    Ray West ‘s Luv NY project teams RW’s beats with a roster of classic Rotten Apple emcees. One of the more intriguing pairings: Kool Keith and Roc Marciano – together! “Pressure Up” features the sort of splendid verbal eccentricities we’ve long come to expect from Keith (e.g. “Animal food splatter/ You just daily bowel movement matter”). Perhaps inspired by the co-feature, Marcberg drops a bit of his own lyrically perverse imagery (“Runnin’ game on a bird since a young’un/ Put my whole hand up her butt like a puppet”). West’s spare piano beat is fiya. Who knew this combo would work as well as it does?

    [via Nah Right ]

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