1. Lupe Fiasco vs. Pete Rock Beef Still Not Settled.


    So it seems the differences between Pete Rock and Lupe Fiasco over the remake of "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)" are far from over.

    Everything seemed good after Pete Rock tweeted the two had talked and planned to work together. Now it sounds like things have turned into a well-cooked beef as evidenced by Lupe's sometimes-heated call to Sway's Shade 45 morning show earlier today , in which the rapper went into some behind-the-scenes details. Listen to the interview with Sway to find out exactly what he said.

    [Via Sway Universe via Fakeshore Drive . Props.]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • El Gato Volador

      I mean what was Lupe thinking even touching thes track? He needs to stick to making records with Matt Santos and Skylar Grey.

    • Mike

      i don't know. i think hip hop beef is about as entertaining as my mom's facebook feed.

    • Quincy

      who in the hell cares???

    • http://soundcloud.com/awas1980 Anthony

      Lupe who?

    • Sean G

      I miss the days when I didn't like Lupe simply cause he made boring records. What a clown.

    • J-Walk

      You're out of your element Donny(Lupe)!!! He sounds like Ray J when he was trying to get at Fab. Haha! The song is terrible anyway. Props to Pete Rock! T.R.O.Y. is a classic and shouldn't be touched. Stay up Lupe, you sound like a little girl throwing her teddy bear in a tantrum. Part of you is from the streets?! Where is the other part from? Cuntsville? You're the best to ever do it?! Really?! Another rapper with early on set Kanye disease. It is a sad day Lupe, like when Lasers came out... SKATE OR DIE BRO!!! Jerk.

    • http://www.goodrecordsnyc.com Jonathan

      Everything that Lupe is saying about the clearance situation is true - I worked on it with the label, and they actually could not clear the original and so it necessitated a remake.

    • http://www.goodrecordsnyc.com Jonathan

      I'm not saying the song/remake was a good idea, but the sample clearance issue is the entire reason they didn't just use the original.

    • Warius

      It looks like Pete got a dose of his own medicine. I love Pete Rock, but maybe, just maybe, there are some artists in the 1000's he sampled himself, that felt the same way when Pete looped their music up, and it was rapped over by some bullshit rapper? Quit whining Pete. If it was that personal to you, you shouldn't have put the song out there.
      Man, this is what sampling is all about. The dude is paying homage.

    • Duck Johnson

      To me Pete's the illest producer of all time, and yes, Lupe's joint is wack and unoriginal as fuck, but lets be real - if the song's that sacred to Pete, why did he shit on it himself with Mr Cheeks' Reminisce 03?

    • dave

      i kinda look at it as how they remake the same movies over and over. just get an original idea and the fans of the original won't have to share their opinion on it. i like both artists too but lupe kinda peaked with "dumb it down"