1. Shiznit We Slept On: Lupe Fiasco “Double Burger with Cheese” Music Video (2011).

    Last night’s Oscars could have used more drive-bys and less Driving Miss Daisy . It’s no spoiler that when it comes to Academy Award-nominated films, we here at egotripland prefer Boyz N The Hood over The Help all day every day. In fact, we’re ridin’ with repeats of ‘hood flicks before we ever sit down to watch War Horse or Glenn Close in drag. So it was good to come across this unofficial video for Lupe Fiasco’s black urban movie homage, “Double Burger with Cheese,” off his Friend of the People mixtape from late last year. Yeah, we’re three months late, but there’s nothing like seeing some of our favorite scenes from Juice , Menace II Society , New Jack City , Colors and School Daze (just to name a few) to help us forget Billy Crystal and friends’ snooze-a-thon.

    (Props to terryshed for the upload.)

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