1. See, Hear: Low Profile - "Pay Ya Dues" Music Video (1989)

    Get them W's up, we West Coastin' with one of the most criminally under rated groups to put it on wax, Low Profile. Consisting of the highly respected W.C. and DJ Aladdin, Low Pro dropped the We're In This
    album back in '89, which definitely impacted the local gangsta rap genre ( see Snoop Dogg's reverential cover 20 years later for further proof ). There's plenty to enjoy in the video for the bangin' single, "Pay Ya Dues," from the gritty Super 8 look to the on-point lyrics that not only reference KDAY's Greg Mack, aka "The Mack Attack," but contains one of the most truthful statements ever uttered in hip-hop: "Everybody wanna rap, but they ain't paid dues." Goddamn right... and it's still true today. Look for Coolio and Dub's bro Crazy Toones, as well as a special cameo by Ice Motherfuckin' T, who had the foresight to sign the duo to his Rhyme Syndicate label.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://cenzi.net/ cenzi

      Ice Cube's curls make a blast from the past at the 3:13 mark. I just saw WC live a week or so ago... He kilt it. Crazy Toones is one hella underrated dude in the hiphop game.

    • GoodWilHustlin'

      Shit, this whole album was hard. Had DJ Aladdin on every cut...even threw in the DJ tribute jam. One of the most underrated MC's of all time, regardless of coasts. If you wanna throw in the West Coast, WC and the Maad Circle and Xzibit never got half the propers they deserve.

    • http://govillaingo.com J-Zone

      Aladdin was a damn nut on the tables. Crazy ass cuttin style. Dub C was a dope MC too...he had a little more to him than a lot of the cats comin out from the West at the time.

    • egotrip

      Yup. Wil, if you haven't checked it already, J-Zone posted up a 1989 Aladdin DMC battle vid on his blog page here: http://www.egotripland.com/unpopular-rap-opinions-its-gotta-be-the-curl/

    • Big Blac

      Love this video

    • Big Blac

      I think the Granny Skits on all of Dub C's Records are the best Skits on any hip hop album ever. Hands down