1. THE BEST OF RACISM: Louisiana School Psychologist’s Twitter Rant Against “Young Black Thugs.”

    The Southern Poverty Law Center has filed a complaint with the Jefferson Parish School Board in Louisiana for employing a school psychologist prone to questionable, racially charged Twitter rants . The school employee in question, Mark A. Triana – a vocal supporter of Trayvon Martin case defendant George Zimmerman – unleashed a Twitter tirade against “young black thugs” this past January that featured such comments as, “Young Black Thugs who won’t follow the law need to be put down not incarcerated. Put down like the Dogs they are!” And while Triana also more generally decries the escalation of violent crime in New Orleans, his tweets have raised enough concern that the Jefferson Parish school superintendent is now looking into the complaint. Peep more from Traina’s timeline, after the jump…

    [via Gawker ]

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