1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: Lord Finesse Responds to Mac Miller.


    Mac Miller has publicly weighed in on Lord Finesse 's $10 million lawsuit against him over unauthorized use of Finesse's "Hip 2 Da Game" instrumental for Miller's hit "Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza." Now it's the response of the Funky Man via The Twitter. Lord Finesse/ @LordFinesseDITC keeps the tweets short and sweet in maintaining that this matter goes beyond mere mixtapes...

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Peter Agoston

      That's whats up. Cmon it's Lord Finesse, don't fuck around

    • recordvulture

      @peter agoston-word.

    • Andreas

      The "I hope to hear from him besides twitter" part sounds like opening for an out of court settlement.

    • weezy

      Why the fuck you sueing him 2 years after

    • http://facebook.com/SONofMAESTRO SON of MAESTRO

      Wow, talk about walking contradiction!!. Before the mixtape game was the so-called game, sampling was THE game. Trying to scuttle a quick settlement from a cat with a budget is one thing, but shouldn't a tax be paid for hypocrisy?

      Perhaps Finesse's DITC credentials should be revoked (or at least suspended). ; )

    • da real hiphop

      Note that Mr. Finesse did not deny talking to Mac Miller about this. He just expressed that his people "did not handle business" correctly which is code for "I just realized I wasn't paid enough money"

    • Eksbe

      People ask or say "Why sue years later?" as if Mac Miler has been on everyone(s) radar...he's not. I have been a fan/listener/supporter of Mac Miller since he was under "Easy Mac". However, I do feel that SAMPLING is one thing, yet using the WHOLE original track is another. While it was a mixtape track, it was never credited as a beat used from Lord Finesse. YES, there are original works used on this album, but when your most popular mixtape track is over a beat you did not produce,acknowledge, or get permission for, then you should expect a lawsuit none the less. You have to ask yourself, as a new fan, as an old fan...".HOW MANY PEOPLE KNEW ABOUT MAC MILLER BEFORE KOOL AID & FROZEN PIZZA?" I mean c'mon, you've got band wagon fans all over that just found out about him over that horrible excuse of a show on MTV. Lawsuit or not, if you're going to sample someone's work, go about it the right way. Enough of the back & forth chit chat. Mac Miller used multiple producers work without permission on that mixtape, so he's lucky more producers are not filing lawsuits against him. Don't expect to become famous off mixtapes using beats without acknowledgement, respect & permission without reaping the consequences of your actions.