1. AUDIO: Lord Finesse – “Inconsiderate Females” (DJ Premier 1989 Demo Session) – SNIPPET

    Slice-of-Spice Records unveils another in its ongoing series of previously unreleased Lord Finesse gems: a controversial, unfinished 1989 demo produced by DJ Premier entitled, “Inconsiderate Females.” It’s damn short. Too short (not to mention, similar thematically to the works of Too $hort). But it’s pretty great, and will soon be available as a limited edition playable postcard. (Tricknology – whoa.) As the Funky Man himself recalls of the song’s origins:

    “What you have right here is the start of a song created during the making of the Funky Technician LP, that was never finished. Lyrically, it was actually parts of a live routine that I was trying to convert into a song for the album. DJ Premier found the loop and started putting the track together, but once Stu Fine (Wild Pitch Records owner) heard the track he immediately made me stop recording due to the extremely raw content. So this unfinished track remained stashed for over 20 years until recently. It’s funny ‘cos listening to it now makes me wonder what the hell I was thinking [ Laughing ]. I’m personally glad Stu & DJ Premier made me change my mind, but the track is now being released as an extremely rare limited edition promo. You can thank Rich (Slice-of-Spice) for the constant persuasion ‘cos if it was left to me I’d have left it buried in the stash!”

    For more info on Slice-of-Spice’s brand new Lord Finesse collector’s bundle, visit the Slice-of-Spice online store .

    Listen to “Inconsiderate Females”… after the jump…

    [via DJPremierBlog ]

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