1. SEE, HEAR: Lord Aaqil — "Check It Out" (Rare 1993 Music Video ft. Questlove).


    Here is a nice gem unearthed by the people over at Dope Folks Records. It's the previously unreleased music video for "Check It Out" by Philly sensation Lord Aaqil , who back in 1993 dropped a now rare 12" on Tobeat Records (and which Dope Folks plans on re-releasing as a limited run of only 300 copies this June.) The single itself is pretty fat... we mean phat — excuse us, we mean obese — a sturdy junkyard banger with funky rhymes that don't stink, a simple but effective chorus and, something you don't hear enough of today, scratching. As for the video, well, it's a fun, typical '90s roughneck style shoot on the streets (reppin' 7th Street & Synder Ave.), but there's a big surprise in the form of an impressive cameo by a local drummer friend of Aaqil's. You all know him as Questlove .

    Questo of The Square Roots (as they were still known back then...speaking of, is that Black Thought wearing a Brand Nubian skully hat at the 2:06 mark?) appears prominently in the video and the first thing you'll probably notice is how different his hair looks from today. But one thing that hasn't changed is his on-point drumming skills and cool demeanor. This really is a blast from the past. Enjoy and make sure to look out for the "Check It Out" re-issue which is supposed to have a sticker cover. Sounds fresh.

    For more info on the Lord Aaqil rerelease, go HERE .

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bongolock

      7th Street & Synder Ave got the flavor u need.
      maybe malik b in the black&white striped skully...?

    • http://freshskimmer.com Sauce

      What corner of the net did you find this? Great find.