1. This is Radio Fresh: The London Underground Map In Radio Form.


    A little something that might look familiar to our friends on the other side of the pond: a proposed radio with circuitry based on the London subway system map. Cheap Oakleys On display and created as part of a residency program at the London Design Museum, the piece is viewable until January 13th, 2013.

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    "The map is inspired by a spoof diagram created by the original designer of the London Tube map, Harry Beck, which shows the lines and stations as an annotated electrical circuit. Iconic landmarks on this map are represented by components relating to their functions, including a speaker where Speaker’s Corner sits and a battery representing Battersea Power Station."

    Hey, we'll take transistors over tubes any day, but of course what it plays is up to you (may we recommend the Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Benji B Show Cheap Ray Bans ?). The best part is that no matter what you chose to listen to, everything is underground.

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