1. Must. Watch. Now.
    LL Cool J – Live in Maine, 1985 (VIDEO).

    So there’s priceless vintage rap footage . And then there’s PRICELESS VINTAGE RAP FOOTAGE. Falling into the latter category – this video of a 17-year-old LL Cool J , along with Cut Creator , performing at a gymnasium at Colby College in Waterville, Maine for a subdued audience of adults and young children we think it’s safe to describe as hip-hop neophytes. LL runs through early singles like “I Want You” and “I Need a Beat,” and ends the show by telling the kids in the crowd, “Stay away from drugs and stay in school,” before dropping the mic. Enjoy.

    (Props to YouTube user Kodiak Starr, who writes: “My dad organized the show and i just digitized the VHS”; h/t Andreas Vingaard)

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