1. SEE, HEAR: LL Cool J — Def Jam Tour (1987)

    Put an ‘L’ in the air. Goin’ back a quarter century to one of hip-hop’s storied moments — the 1987 Def Jam Tour, which featured superstar LL Cool J rollin’ with Public Enemy and Eric B. & Rakim. Basically, a Hall of Fame line-up on the road. As expected, the cocky, crotch-grabbin’ Legend in Leather (who, as the on-screen graphics tell you at the start of the video, has a black belt in karate and lives with his grandmother) rips the stage dipped in the customary Kangol, thick gold rope chains, track suit, and what they now call swag, but what has always been LL’s everyday demeanor… Cut Creator expertly works the turntables (and strategically places air horns during any curses in the lyrics) while right hand man E-Love (also known as Earl) holds the young James Todd Smith down.

    (Props & thank you to UpNorthTrips / @upnorthtrips for diggin’ up the clips.)

    LL Cool J — Live at ’87 Def Jam Tour, Part 1

    Kicks things off with rousing rendition of “Get Down.” Goes all the way in with “I Can’t Live Without My Radio.”

    LL Cool J — Live at ’87 Def Jam Tour, Part 2

    Powerfully closes the show with “Rock the Bells” and “I’m Bad.” Boom!

    (Props to ‪iamhatstand‬ for the uploads)

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