1. Live From The Streets: Ol' Dirty Bastard Tribute (VIDEO).


    Mr. Green says: The Live From The Streets crew and ODB's family have teamed up to create a special episode out of old VHS tapes. The episode drops to celebrate the legendary artist and to remind people to always remember this week as both a high and low point of hip-hop culture. In the end, we all need to celebrate the legacy of ODB. Huge thanks to ODB, Momma Cherry, RZA, Ashley, Barson, Menace, Missery, Icelene and of course Sean the White Rapper for making the whole thing happen. RIP to the legendary ODB, he will never be forgotten. P.S. More ODB tributes are in the works... stay tuned. If you are on the East Coast, his family is throwing a one of kind tribute show in Brooklyn on November 18... buy tickets here .

    Directed by Mr. Green, Sam Lipman-Stern, Josh Schwartz

    [Via GRNDGD ]

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