1. Listen to Denmark Vessey & Scud One - Cult Classic (AUDIO).


    You know we're fans of Denmark Vessey . The follow up to his recent free LP, Don't Drink the Kool Aid , he and producer Scud One 's Cult Classic finds DV rhyming over Scud's impeccably well chosen loops sans superfluous embellishment. The results are quite excellent , as evidenced by the likes of "Half a Gram" featuring Guilty Simpson, "Project Prog Rock" featuring Quelle Chris and the incredible "Thank You Based God" - which finds Scud ( we think ... whoops, that was Vessey aka Dr. Yessev, hisself) soulfully testifying, "They claim that they seen Mary in some burrito in Mexico." Album drops tomorrow. Listen below. Get it, HERE .

    [via 2DopeBoyz ]

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