1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: Lil Wayne Disses Pusha T.


    Lil Wayne is apparently not a fan of Pusha T or his new song, "Exodus 23:1," which features lines that could be interpreted as shots at Wayne's YMCMB peoples ("Beef is when you hide behind them other n*ggas / But they ain't killers, they ain't pullin' them triggers, fuck n*ggas"). Peep what Wayne tweeted and the track in question, after da jump...


    Whoa! Them's fightin' words. And here's the track that set Weezy off...

    [via Complex ]

    To get a comprehensive breakdown of the beef between Wayne and Pusha T — which goes back years — please visit Miss Info .

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    • bboycult

      Here is my hope for the future of Industry 'rap beef'.... I hope that one day rappers will just talk straight shit about the parent company of the record label, of the boutique label. And as a result it goes from 0-physical the next day. Like "Fuck Shinehart Wig Company!?!" (c) 30 Rock ....and next thing you know Yung Berg gets slapped by Maino!

    • DirtCHEAP83

      No thank, @bboycult. i'll take my rap and my hip hop the way it is, from the artist. you can choose to listen to it, or just move onto someone else or just not listen to the genre(s).