1. AUDIO: Lil Wayne — "Goulish" (Pusha T Diss).

    We should probably apologize in advance for posting this.

    A few days ago, Pusha T released “Exodus 23:1,” an effective, slow burn of track reminiscent of Biggie "What's Beef?" that contained a few lines that Lil Wayne took offense too . Now comes the response from Weezy (with some help from Swizz Beats on the beat) that Funkmaster Flex premiered exploded a little while ago.

    So how's the song? The beat is kinda cool, actually. The rest? Rhymes Tunechi: “Niggas can’t see me, not even a glimpse, too many banana clips I feel like chimps...” That should give you a clue. Check it for yourself...

    [Via Miss Info . Props.]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • J

      I'm not even touching this shit but Lil Wayne's face in that photo is exactly the face I make when I am subjected to Wayne or any of his group and rosters "music".

    • J Hus

      Wondering why Egotrip is posting this? ..the point of you is anti this. No? & see you going more this way ..just saying.

    • JusticeBorn7

      I know I shouldn't be but I'm constantly still shocked at how wack this cat is.

    • RANT

      How about we stop making this dude relevant? I sure as fuck couldn't care less what he has to say. He's had his chance to show depth. Let's put some true heads on now...

    • egotrip

      @J Hus .. We believe we aren't necessarily "anti." We had Lil Wayne as a guest on our Race-O-Rama! VH1 television series. And we like some of his music. We also understand that some people don't. But many people find him an interesting character. And that's our excuse. We cover rap. The good. The bad. The ugly. If it makes us laugh, or is something we think our readers will find interesting, and it's within our sensibilities, we will cover it. We did that in our magazine, our books, on our TV shows. And we are doing that here... at egotripland!