1. Lil Wayne Would Rather Be Skating (Or Doing Anything Else) Than Answer “Stupid” Lawyer Questions (VIDEO).


    For those who don’t know, Lil Wayne is not a big fan of the film The Carter , the 2009 documentary that chronicled the rapper’s tumultuous life. Twice, Weezy has filed lawsuits against the movie’s producers (which include record/film producer QDIII , son of Quincy Jones), the first time for allegedly not receiving final approval of the finished movie as he was promised (his team called the flick a “scandalous portrayal”), and most recently, Wayne has claimed he never gave permission for his music to be used in the doc.

    As part of the court process, the Weez had to answer questions from QD’s lawyer, Pete Ross, at a deposition and TMZ has obtained video of this not-so-happy incident. You could say the Young Cash Money Billionaire is annoyed to be at the Q+A session, as evidenced by his looks of boredom, irritation and disbelief at being asked if that was really him speaking with TV host Katie Couric after watching a video of himself speaking with Katie Couric, or being read a laundry list of his criminal past and being asked things like if he remembers being locked up in Riker’s Island. (According to Weezy, he does not…haha.)

    But, enough talk, you have to see the footage to really get the full impact (and so you can figure out if Wayne is really threatening the lawyer at the end or not)…


    [Via Miss Info . Props to TMZ or the uploads. ]

    Lil Wayne Deposition Video #1.

    Lil Wayne Deposition Video #2.

    Lil Wayne Deposition Video #3.

    NEW: Lil Wayne Deposition Video #4.

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