1. AUDIO: Lil Fame & Termanology — "Too Tough For TV"


    Lil Fame of M.O.P. is doing a side project with Termanology due out November 6th, an album that's been christened Fizzyology (what a great name). But for this latest leak, Fizzy Wo is dolo, handling both the rhyming and production duties in what turns out to be an engaging blast of bravado ("Yo, this shit ain't off the hook, dog/ This shit is the truth/ Off the roof like Bishop in Juice ") and heavy-bottomed, car-screeching, laser-gun mayhem. The Mash Out Posse rhyme slinger is an expert at making a mockery of wannabe gangstas and "Too Tough" is a good display of this expertise.

    Fame: "Y'all rap about fashion and ice/ It's amazing how I spit it, duke/ I'll beat 'em like The Passion of Christ ."

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Sean G

      Been waiting on the official version. Can and will let this shit bang all day.