1. Shiznit We Slept On: lil’ dave & Personify — “Gotcha Covered” Mix (AUDIO).

    Oh man, is this nice. Philly DJs lil’dave of Illvibe Collective and Personify of Little Big Things put together a stupendous collection of familiar-but-remade tunes just for you. If amazingly-funky, rip-roaring, utterly-nasty cover versions of “P.I.M.P.,” “Light My Fire,” “Hey Jude,” “Oye Como Va,” “It’s Your Thing,” “Tighten Up,” “Hot Pants Road,” etc., etc. etc. is up your alley, then these are the cats to see. This one is an instant party-starter.

    Says lil’ Dave & Personify: Gotcha Covered [is] a genre bending mega-mix of cover songs from the mid-60s to the present. With more than 35 years of DJing and music collecting between them, these fellas dug deep in their collections to pull tracks for Gotcha Covered and spent months mixing, cutting and blending together more than 90 covers spanning Funk, Soul, Jazz, Afrobeat, Latin, Bossa Nova, Boogaloo, Reggae, Steel-Drum Band, Brass Band, R&B and Hip-Hop, to name a few. From the super rare to the under-appreciated and forgotten to the more common cover versions, Gotcha Covered offers up something for the serious digger and the casual listener alike. If you love good music, stop what you’re doing, grab a copy of the mix, and prepare to be taken on a tour of some of funkiest and most soulful covers ever laid down. And sorry – no track listing…gotta do your own homework for this one!

    ( Gotcha Covered is available for free download by going here . We recommend you also get a CD copy here .)

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