1. AUDIO: Liknuts - "Bang."


    We interrupt your Saturday night carousing to bring you more Liknuts flavor. Liknuts all day (and all night) in your mouth. Liknuts the best thing since new pussy. Liknuts as nasty as they wanna be...

    But, seriously, folks. Very few groups today would motivate us to work late on a weekend night. Salute these ninjaz!

    J-Ro: "...I got fucked up in every city in the South/ I once fell asleep with a titty in my mouth..."

    (Props to bigherculez for the upload)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://twitter.com/jmadinez Doug McGinnis

      I liked this bit from Tash best "....I'll knock your teeth out then put them under your pillow/ Then bag the tooth fairy and spend all your dinero/ And roll out in the sunset, looking like the hero."

    • KC

      I still like Grumpy Crocodile better, but this was pretty great, and I can't wait for the album.