1. AUDIO: Liknuts — "Grumpy Crocodile."


    Holy fuckin' shitballs! It's finally here, a leak from the Liknuts ! As previously reported , two of our all-time favorite groups, Tha Alkaholiks and the world famous Beatnuts , have joined like Rosey Grier and Ray Milland. Yes, the West Coast and East Coast party animals are joined at the neck and beastin' on motherfuckers. "Grumpy Crocodile" is the first release from the supergroup and it's every bit of raunchy, explicit fun you'd expect from the Intoxicated Demons and the mighty Likwit Crew.

    Everyone rhymes on this sordid children's record turned evil monster, Juju kicking things off with gross-but-funny talk about acquiring VD then unexpectedly confessing that he's "only got one friend, that's a plastic monkey" (ha!) before passing the mic off to Tash, who claims to "drink Hennessy for dinner, mimosas for my breakfast." J-Ro blows up his own spot by revealing that "in crowded elevators I just laugh and poot" while Psycho Les advises that when he gets aggravated with someone he'll "snuff 'em in the eye, Paul Stanley." E-Swift then closes it out, grumpy as the crocodile in the song's title: "I'm dirty, attitude shitty and crappy, slap you in the face if you try to dap me." From what we've heard, the Liknuts tour starts August 1st. You've been warned.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Jaz

      Dope and mos def worth the wait, can't wait for the album.

    • http://twitter.com/whitesaid @whitesaid

      Fantastic to see this project come to fruition. I hope the world is ready.

    • klauseSmith

      This just made my day. Thank you egotripland!

    • bboycult

      In my soul, I anticipate the Tour >> Album and anticipation for both is off scale!?!

    • bboycult

      ....also any chick(s) I meet @ this show; will likely be my nxt ex-wives; here's to hoping for a Hefner 'Girls Next Door' style affair knawmean! Crumbs.

    • recordvulture

      2 great tastes that taste great together!!!!!I been waitin on this shit since 94!!!!!!

    • Ivan the Terrible

      Man, that track is so ill, this is a great collabo!

    • Zac

      Live in Austin Tx Aug21st. Liknuts baby! At the Parish on 6th St