1. The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan – Documentary Trailer (VIDEO).

    Cool “Disco” Dan ‘s aerosol-ed tag was ubiquitous around Washington D.C. in the ’80s, making him a mysterious, Zorro-like District legend. An intriguing new documentary, The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan , tells this street artist’s story against the backdrop of D.C.’s thriving go-go scene and infamous crack era rise to becoming the nation’s murder capital. Narrated by Henry Rollins , it features interviews with everyone from former street hustlers (“If you couldn’t get money in 1987 something wasn’t right”) to embattled ex-mayor Marion Barry to the late, great Chuck Brown to Dan himself. The film’s world premiere will take place Saturday, February 23rd at the AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring, Maryland. Watch the trailer below.

    [h/t The World’s Best Ever ]

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