1. Large Professor — Live at S.O.B.s (2000) (VIDEO).

    DJ Eclipse says: A few days ago marked the 25th anniversary of Main Source’s Breaking Atoms (July 23, 1991) which was the group that introduced the world to the Large Professor. In honor of that classic album I’ve dug up some footage of a Fat Beats show where Extra P was the headliner. I didn’t want to post up the whole show so here’s an abbreviated version. Large murders this set with classic after classic. In addition to his own catalog his man Hill drops an ill beat and Skillz jumps up on stage to kick a verse. Large even needle drops a Joe Tex 45 while rhyming all at the same time. Being a true scientist, P had set up a table full of drum machines, samplers, turntables and anything else he could find to play music. P gave you a full show. New verses, live beats, spontaneity and gave you 110% performance all the way until the end. I was the house DJ that night and when Paul’s show was over I tried to sneak in an extra joint for him to do, but no go. LOL. The good ol’ days.

    April 19, 2000

    Video edited by BeeShine

    [Via Rap Is Outta Control ]

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