1. Kurious — "Snake Charmer 2" (Prod. by M.F. DOOM) (AUDIO).


    As far as we can remember, this King Geedorah track (a 2003 Take Me to Your Leader outtake?) already surfaced a couple years ago, but perhaps the Part 2 slapped on it means it's a ever-so-slightly different mix? Oh, who cares really. This M.F. DOOM-helmed cut with a Spanglish-speaking Kurious as Biolante straight bumps, a rather mesmerizing ditty made even all that more appealing by the dope P-100 artwork attached to it.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • pollo gonzales

      o shit kurious is still rapping??? walk like a duck is the shittt fareal

    • http://twitter.com/nightwork78 drs


    • anonymously

      What happened to the track