1. KRS-One & Ol’ Dirty Bastard On Stage Together in 1995 (VIDEO).


    Rare footage from the Video Music Box archives. Props to Uncle Ralph .

    BONUS: Wu-Tang Clan on Video Fusion (1994?)

    Uploaded by Hezakya Starr

    (Props to @cratesofjr )

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • see, now ya learnin...

      in your websites comments section like a can of mace, baby...

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      I can never get into live rap performances.
      I mean I saw Schooly D and Too Short live in a small club in the 80's and enjoyed it.

      But almost every recording of a live rap performance I've seen is all distorted, there's too many people on stage yelling at the same time, they're talking too close into the mike and I cant understand what they're saying.

      I suppose part of that is being on a live tour and your voice getting ruff after doing shows night after night.

      The best live recording I remember (other then wildstyle) was Lyte on Showtime at the Apollo. Her voice was clear and crisp and her delivery was probably better then on any of her albums.

      I wish I had a copy of that one.