1. SEE, HEAR: KRS-One Interview (1989).

    We’d like to wish the Blastmaster a happy birthday today. (And thanks to UpNorthTrips for reminding us of this fact.) Here is a thought-provoking interview done in London back in ’89 in which KRS discusses a slew of topics, including racist promoters, recording with DJ Scott La Rock (R.I.P.), the creation of “Why Is That?,” influential books he’s read, being homeless and dealing with cops, the effects of the Stop The Violence movement, and whether or not he’s religious.

    On his writing style: “When I set out to write songs I just think of myself as the average youth on the corner, lookin’ to find out who he is or she is, and I just write. I don’t like to write too much about fantasy unless the fantasy has a moral to the story. I don’t like to write too much about facts unless the facts have a moral to the story. So it’s basically written in a ghetto consciousness sense.”

    KRS in ’89: “I say this as un-egotistical as I possibly can. I am rap music. Where I go that’s where rap goes.”

    (Props to by SPIRTHTRONPU for the upload)

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