1. He’s Got 10 On It: KRS-One Speaks With His Hands (GALLERY).

    Happy birthday shouts to the great KRS-One – one of the greatest rappers of all-time. And – as we learned from randomly perusing the Interwebz – one of the greatest rappers to regularly be photographed gesturing demonstratively with his hands (which often appear larger than life). Don’t believe us? Peep the evidence.


    Come to the teacher. That's what this hand gesture means.


    I'm still #1 (at hypnotizing myself).


    Ya slippin', Kris.


    Take the pillow from your head and put a finger in it.




    You must learn. That I'm seen pointing in at least half of the photos of me out there.


    KRS-One Attacks: Time to get NERRRRRRRR-VOUS.


    Your face is in front of my hand, so I'm dissin' it.


    Knuckles Reign Supreme Over Nearly Everyone.


    Palms gonna get'cha.


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