1. ego trip Classics: KRS-One’s Greatest Quotes*.

    As we take a moment today to acknowledge Teacher Appreciation Week, we come to tha T’cha KRS-One for 10 of his greatest quotes of all time (well, his greatest quotes up until 1995, at least). The Blastmaster has always maintained that Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone and these compiled quotes from various book and magazines each contain a nugget for your dome or pillowcase, y’know, where you’re supposed to put a book in. Anyways, soak in the wisdom…

    1. “No [other rappers are on my level], none of them. Here, let me put it like this… in the sky, there are a million stars, but when the sun appears, you see none of them. I am the sun.” ( The Source , July 1989)

    2. “I want to be remembered as the first ghetto kid to jump up for world peace, because the stereotype is that all ghetto kids want to do is sell drugs and rob each other, which isn’t fact. I came from the heart of the ghetto — there ain’t no suburbia in me.” ( Stop The Violence: Overcoming Self-Destruction , Pantheon, 1990)

    3. “I am rap music. Where I go, rap goes. Rap is like my dog, it’s like my little pet. And where I go, I lead my little pet with me.” ( The Source , April 1992)

    4. “America sat back and watched Hitler kill as many Jews as he wanted to until Hitler said, ‘I’m coming for the world.’ Then America got together the rest of the continents and they went and took Hitler out. I still think he’s alive actually. It’s only history. If you look at it from that point of view, does anything I say sound irrational?” ( Break It Down , Citadel Press, 1992)

    5. “The only real reality is the fact that we’re all gonna die.” ( Spin , May 1992)

    6. “I am hip-hop. But what is hip-hop? If hip-hop was to stand right in front of you and start talking, what would hip-hop listen to? Hip-hop wouldn’t listen to hip-hop. Hip-hop probably doesn’t even like hip-hop. Let me also say that I, personally, am more into reggae than I am hip-hop.” ( The Source , January 1994)

    7. “Me, in the college market, ask any university — I set the party off!” ( Rap Pages , February 1994)

    8. “I’m the most humble rapper in the industry.” ( Rap Pages , October 1995)

    9. “Take Bill Clinton’s daughter. If she’s willing to expose herself to learning about hip-hop, what she has to do is leave the White House and come live in the South Bronx or Brooklyn. If she lives there — nobody knowing that it’s the President’s daughter or nothing — she has to meet a guy, he has to dog her out. Dis her. Then she got to meet a guy that she really likes and dis him. Then she has to go to a party, get caught up in a fight. Maybe she’s not fighting, but see it. Feel the tension of it. She has to drive with three other Black youths in a car, and they driving and the police are looking at them. She has to feel the tension with the Black youth, and know what that shit feels like. If she can withstand that, then she too can become a hip-hopper.” ( Vibe , November 1995)

    10. “People say I contradict myself because I come gangsta and teach at the same time. I don’t want to be too much on either side, but I do want to speak to all audiences. It’s been a hard balance to maintain, but I’m still here.” ( ego trip , November 1995)

    (*This piece was originally published in ego trip’s Book of Rap Lists .)

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