1. Prepare For The Next Major Disaster By Memorizing KRS-One's "Disaster Kit" Lyrics (AUDIO).


    This is a public service announcement... with BARS!!!

    We just transcribed "Disaster Kit" by KRS-One , which was inspired by the havoc caused on the East Coast by Hurricane Sandy. The Blastmaster strongly feels that if you memorize his lyrics you will be better prepared to handle that next hurricane, earthquake, or whatever other tizzy fit Mother Nature throws. Godspeed!

    KRS-One — "Disaster Kit" Lyrics:

    When a disaster hit
    Don't you get trapped in it
    You must always stay prepared with your disaster kit
    In the club you might be drunk so you may laugh at it
    But when you sober up you know it this is what you have to get
    Stay prepared never be fearful or even scared
    These natural disasters cannot be compared
    So rise and realize you will survive
    In the meantime prepare yourself with these supplies
    Get coils of rope and coils of wire
    And in a waterproof container put all your fire
    Like matches and candles
    And don't wear sandals
    Get some hard boots and work gloves to handle
    The situation because when disaster hits the nation
    You and your family gonna need your medication
    Anti-biotics, aspirin, the chronic
    Even health foods like vitamins and garlic
    Pain relievers, inhalers and breathers
    And make sure you got something that can take down a fever
    A spray bottle of water with 10% bleach
    So you can disinfect the objects you reach
    And speaking of bleach here's what I teach
    Don't think that you can drink the water from the beach
    You're gonna have to drink that water from your 'hood
    And purify your water to make sure it's all good
    Put things in order
    Put eight drops of pure unscented liquid bleach into the water
    Use only eight drops for every one gallon you workin'
    You'll need about five gallons a person
    With no water things can get lethal
    It's dehydration not starvation that kills people
    So look for the water first
    Don't be robbin' and lootin' and stealin' and killin' that'll ony make things worst
    Be smart, plan ahead
    Save some cash, a radio, some gas and some blow-up beds
    Keep your disaster kit high on the shelf
    With your weapons, you might have to defend yourself
    Get a flashlight, chemical lightsticks and hold that
    A compass, some dry food, maybe a road map
    Don't forget things like peroxide and Listerine
    Bandages and antihistamines like Benadryl
    So when things get ill you will survive
    'Cause you really got skill, you opened your eyes
    After you got your list of supplies
    Check your attitude, know that you're gonna survive

    [Song via Nah Right ]

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