1. Listen to KRS-One’s Criminal Minded
    Practice Sessions & More (AUDIO).

    Absolutely sick archival material courtesy DJ Kenny Parker and East Village Radio’s “Frozen Files” program: KRS-One rhyming over classic breakbeats as spun by Kool DJ Red Alert and Scott La Rock in 1986 , practicing a few rhyme routines (some of which would later turn up on Boogie Down Productions’ Criminal Minded ). Also included: a live MJ “Human Nature”-inspired routine featuring D-Nice on human beatbox that uses the same Ray Charles “Hallelujah, I Love Her So” intro from “Breath Control,” and another session with Kenny on the wheels that utilizes the chorus to “Mortal Thought.” Vintage Blastmaster here at perhaps the peak of his talents. Mega-props to Robbie at Unkut for the audio rip.

    [via Unkut ]

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