1. AUDIO: Kool Keith — "Total Orgasm" Mixtape.


    How the hell could we not post a Kool Keith mixtape called "Total Orgasm"? Porno dialog samples, space age pimpin', alien probin', raunchy lyrics await. (Adults Only).


    1) The Ultra Legendary (Intro) (Produced by Dj Junkaz Lou)
    2) Swag (Produced by Kool Keith)
    3) Fat Pussy (Produced by Kool Keith)
    4) Jedi Supreme Ft. Big Sche Eastwood (Produced By Mr Sche)
    5) Acura Ft. AG (Produced By Dj Junkaz Lou)
    6) Locka Locka (Produced By WMS The Sultan)
    7) R.I.P Dr Octagon #DeathCertificateRmx (Produced By Junkaz Lou)
    8) Slam Dunk (Produced by Kool Keith)
    9) Total Orgasm (Produced by Kool Keith)
    10) Extra Thoughts Ft. The I.M.O (Produced By Dj Junkaz Lou)
    11) Nice Nasty (Produced by Kool Keith)
    12) Flash Gordon (Produced by Kool Keith)
    13) Belly Out (Produced by Kool Keith)
    14) Bootys Low Ft Big Sche Eastwood (Produced By R.T Music)
    15) Bobby Black (Produced by Kool Keith)
    16) Prada (Produced by Kool Keith)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • J Glazed

      this after I just bought what was billed as his "last album" and so far it sounds better!! Not to knock the Keith though, much respect to the spank master.

    • metronomics

      @glazed 'love & danger' is a gem and this new mixtape just made my day. kool keith is flash gordon.