1. Kool Keith’s Favorite Places to Pleasure Himself In Public, Part 2.

    Way back in 1999, we asked the great Kool Keith for a list of his favorite public pleasure centers . (If you’ve listened to Kool Keith for as long as we have, you’ll know that’s not necessarily a strange question for him.) With a new album out this week, Love & Danger , that’s rumored to be the rap legend’s last , we felt compelled to follow-up with the man behind Sex Style on a few more of his favorite packed with people places to fiddle about. Do you want more… places Kool Keith likes to publicly pleasure himself? Peep Part 2 (and keep your hands to yourself, please).


    1. Macy’s on 34th Street (Again).

    “I like to go here and walk around, try on their clothes and get comfortable. That’s why I like it there. I like to do it in their silk shirts especially.”

    2. Porn Shops.

    “I browse for a lot of porno movies. So I like to do it here to save myself time.”

    3. The Studio (Again).

    “I’m always here anyways, that’s why. I like to record a song then drink a warm cup of chamomile tea. It relaxes me there.”

    4. Footlocker.

    “I like sneakers so I’m always looking for the latest kicks. What I do is go and sit underneath their air conditioner and try on sneakers. I tell ‘em nothing fits so I can keep trying stuff on. It gives me more time to do it that way.”

    5. New York City.

    “I just do my thing as I’m walking around New York. I like to walk around a lot.”

    6. Chinese Restaurants.

    “There’s a few spots in New York I go to all the time. I do it there because it makes me feel good. And ‘cause I like the broccoli & shrimp at both places.”

    7. Westside Highway.

    “I go here to look at all the cars while I’m doing it.”

    8. Airports.

    “This is like the Westside Highway. Except it’s planes instead of cars.”

    9. Hotels.

    “This is my favorite while I’m touring. I get a bottle of Ciroc, put in some flicks, and burn a bunch of cherry incense I picked up on 125th. I picked up the hemp scented ones before and it wasn’t as good.”

    10. Broadway.

    “I collect ball caps and I like some caps around there. So I do it there.”

    11. Taxi Cabs.

    “I’ll take a cab downtown for a hotdog with extra sauerkraut and make the cabby take the long route.”

    12. Tailor Shop.

    “There’s a spot on Delancey St. I go to get my pants hemmed. I’m usually in my underwear while they’re doing their thing anyways.”

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