1. Watch Test Footage of a Kool Keith Cartoon (VIDEO).


    The other day we got tweeted this video that supposedly is rough footage of a new series called (we think) The World Famous, Super Galactic, Ultra Amazing, Funk Nasty Adventures of Kool Keith created by Mark Stansberry & Kool Keith . If we weren’t so lazy busy, we’d follow up with some additional research, but since this is still in the early stages, we got time for that. What y'all think?

    Screen Arts Animation says: "Almost" ready rough clip from "Kool Keith Animated Series"… rough backgrounds, audio, and color....this is one of the tame PG-13 versions...

    [Via @2danimator1 ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      Yes please this.....100yrs THIS and Rick and Morty, THIS.com and Rick and Morty.com THIS online store.com and on and on etc...

    • http://youtube.com/screenartsanimation 2danimator1

      This is a "real" series starring Kool Keith..first "outrageaous" full episode will be done by mid July and we are testing on Youtube for feedback..deal already in place to go on Hulu...let me know if need more info to research this "supposedly" rough footage...lol........much thanks for posting on your site..!!!

    • egotrip

      Haha, thanks man for the info. The Internetz is a wild place. You can't always trust what you see and hear. But good to see you post on here with the info. Peace.