1. The Kool Keith Animated Series (NSFW VIDEO).


    Move over Fritz The Cat , it’s the The World Famous, Super Galactic, Ultra Amazing, Funk Nasty Adventures of Kool Keith . Raw in every sense of the word, this raunchy cartoon created by Mark Stansberry & Mr. Keith Thornton himself is surely not for kids, and it might just get you fired from your job or put in the doghouse if you get caught watching it. But seriously, this animated mixture of Sex Style meets Black Elvis humor starts off with a bang, so you’re better off watching this with headphones on. Twerkin’ big booties, superhero powers and the actual voice of Kool Keith await you in this NSFW adventure (Episode 1, Part 1 for now, more to come…).

    UPDATE: Expanded Edition (New Footage).

    By Screen Arts Animation

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      This shit super bugged ....keep it that way.

      " Oooh whee, What's Up Wit That, What's Up With That!? " - DeAndre Cole