1. Kool G Rap: The Montreality Interview (VIDEO).


    The Kool Genius reminisces about delivering Chinese food as a young teen, why he thinks “Road to the Riches” is the realest thing he ever wrote, and breaks down how the crack era created a gap in the generations. He also gives his definition of a true G: “To me, Gandhi is a fuckin’ G. Look at all the danger and shit he faced. Martin Luther King is a G. He gave his last speech… like you could tell by his rhetoric that he pretty much knew what he was facing not too long in the near future. He knew what he was up against. That’s a real G to me. Facing that and still gettin’ his message across. Still doin’ what he got to do. That’s a G to me.”

    His message to youth: “Unplug from the Matrix.”

    [Via Nah Right . Props to Montreality]

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