1. AUDIO: Kool A.D. & Bill Ding – "Hypersensitive Jester" (Free Download).


    "Hypersensitive Jester" is a wonderful song title. But equally eccentric and engaging are the actual beat and raps Kool A.D. and Bill Ding serve up on said track. Lazily riding a murky guitar loop with observations like, "My body is a temple but I still fuck with french fries," Kool A.D. reps dusted slacker ethos to the fullest. Ding does his thing too, though ("This that dumb shiny, stupid, sparkly shit/ Valet all day I ain't parking this bitch"). Gonna go sit on our imaginary porch now, and pretend those plumes of black smoke are clouds. Meanwhile, you should go get the song for free...

    [Via Nah Right ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • J Glazed

      that beat is sick!!!!