1. Konfident ft. Sean Price & Oh No — “Bogart’s” (Free Download).

    Promising on his bandcamp page that this here song “Bogart’s” featuring Sean Price and Oh No is “thorough… no Drake sound here!” already had us ready to give L.A. representer Konfident’s single a chance. And it’s a good thing we did. This entertaining, sturdily built, piano key driven track bumps, fortified by ghostly flashes of “Buffalo Gals” as well as a scratched hook that has snippets of everyone from Kool G. Rap to Tha Alkaholiks to Evidence on it. Lyrically, Kimbo entertains with usual flair, promising to leave foes with their “face fucked up, Tyson vs. Mitch Green” while referring to himself as the “old nigga freakin’ the flow, I’m Benny Hill.” (Just so you know, good Benny Hill references usually get high marks from egotripland.) Oh No also springs into lethal action, tellin’ us how he “iceboxed a nigga, call him David Blaine,” before Kon finishing things up strongly. But enough talk, check out the cut for yourself in 3, 2, 1…

    (Props to @PGK87 )

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