1. AUDIO: Konfident — "Fire in the Hole!" (Free Download).

    Konfident checks back in with another Oh No-produced five alarm blaze . It's a dirty, fuzzy three minutes and some seconds of orchestrated chaos, with scratches by DJ Bonds and Kon comin' at cha with a delivery guilty of aggravated assault ("I slapbox with preachers just to wake up the church," he boldly declares). Fire up this funk.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • dbeez

      finally some real hiphop sheeeshhhh

    • bboycult

      My mind spray/my 9 spray...Oh children of the 90's; how we miss you so.

    • http://hollisterbanister.blogspot.com Holly @hkbabel


    • Shaft


    • victhegenius

      This is real gutter

    • Jaz

      Banger...Oh No consistently impresses me and as much as I love Madlib, I feel that he spreads himself way too thin with just to much product out there.