1. Swing Down Sweet Chariot Stop & Ride Out to Kon’s P-Funk Rework, “Mothership Konnection (Let Me Ride).”

    As the most resourceful DJ-producers have known for some time now, digging for records is so last century. Digging (by barter, trade or any means necessary) for the original session parts of classic vintage tracks – with the expressed intent of sampling or remixing them – has been the thing. And Kon – of Kon & Amir – has been impressing the hell out of a lot of folks in recent years doing just this. The Boston tracktician snuck his latest rework out on Soundcloud recently; “Mothership Konnection” reduces Parliament ‘s classic “Mothership Connection (Star Child)” down to thumpasoraus drums and Horny Horns before acknowledging Andre Young’s re-popularization of the ill spiritual refrain with that gangsta flair. Writes Kon: “Another sure shot rework from the stems … recognizing the pure genius of & George Clinton and crew, P-FUNK. There is so many layers in this session, it’s amazing how much is really going on musically.” Hell, yeah.

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