1. Kon's Guest Mix For Gilles Peterson's BBC6 Show (Free Download).


    Last week Kon - renowned as half the DJ-ing/record collecting duo Kon & Amir - contributed a stupendous guest DJ set to Gilles Peterson's new BBC6 radio program. Consisting entirely of never-before-heard versions of disco and boogie funk classics remixed by Kon from the original reels, the mix has now thankfully made its way onto Soundcloud, and is yours to download gratis. These are the times when we've gotta thank our lucky starships the Interwebz exists. Much needed feel good music for a Monday, people. Listen and download, and peep playlist, after the jump...

    1. Chaka Kon* - I Know You I Live You (Acappella)
    2. Jorge Benson - Love x Love (Kons 1980 Again Remix)
    3. Shave - Watchin Youx (Kons Rhodes Remix)
    4. Sticky D - This Beat Is Kons (Remix)
    5. Moonshine - All I Neeeed (Kons Ladies Love Dub Remx)
    6. James D - Truck (Kons Bare Bones Remix)
    7. Un-limited Touche - When I Hear The Music (Kon Gave The Drummer Some Remix)

    Feeling this? Then you'll wanna know that Kon and Whiskey Baron have formed a production team called Nitetime, and their new EP, Jive Talk , is now available. Get it, HERE .

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Rob

      One Word "Delicious"

    • Luis

      These remixes are really great. But one question, how does one get the reels to these?