1. King Fantastic — “Spooky Spooks and the Trouble with Capitalism”

    Lil Wayne catches a bad one.

    “We livin in strange days when not much pays/ And a small population got all the wealth/ And your favorite rapper, he callin’ you broke/ Fuck how you livin’, he off his self/ He’ll fuck your girl, nigga you ain’t shit/ You ain’t never flew on a private jet/ Nigga, you ain’t never spent 20 stacks at the club/ You work a 9 to 5? Nigga, you a scrub/ You hearin’ that and it’s sinkin’ in/ The love in your heart starts sinkin’ then/ Now you plottin’ and you plannin’/ And all that malice starts sneakin’ in/ You wanna be Jay Z and Kanye/ You wanna a thick yellow bitch like Beyonce/ Fuck the down broad that you had on your team/ You make the first fame whore your fiance/ You want two chains and new cars/ You wanna bullshit with a few stars/ You wanna sip Rozay and pop pills/ That kinda life is not real/ That’s no soul, no control/ That’s spinnin’ unhinged in a vortex/ That’s a minstrel show, while the ones that know/ Choosin’ which lil’ monkey they can whore next…”

    Taken from the album, The Great Man Theory .

    Directed by Randal Kirk II

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