1. LINK: Killer Mike — R.A.P. Music Album Stream.


    Normally, we don't like to post about music that we can't host ourselves here on egotripland, but in this case, we don't mind. Killer Mike's new album R.A.P. Music , which has been steadily building anticipation for months now, finally drops next week on May 15 and SPIN's website has a free stream of the entire thing. After we heard it, we knew we had to spread the word. The El-P produced effort delivers on its promise of being the most politically charged Killer Mike work to date, but it's more than that. The whole long-player burns with a dedication to craft and is a testament to rap's music ability to still give listeners a genuine charge. Straight out the gate with the blistering "Big Beast," featuring Bun B, T.I. and Trouble, you'll know that this is the "opposite of the sucker shit they play on TV," like Mike says at song's end. Go 'head and give this a shot and let us know what you think.

    LINK: Listen to Killer Mike's new album R.A.P. Music over at SPIN .

  2. You might wanna peep...

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      You can hear that strand of Chuck D. in his voice. The sonic landscape harks back to those masterpieces from The Bomb Squad. That is one of the highest compliments I can pay, Killa Kill and El Producto truly brought it on here. Makes me smile, makes me feel it in the chest when something current drops that brings me back to the cassette tape/Walkman era. When you can feel that influence without a hint of biting. Beautiful.

      Bang. Bang. Bang.