1. Kid Tsunami ft. Sean Price — "Bang Exclusive" (MUSIC VIDEO).


    It's Sean Price again with the nasty verbiage, this time ready to Kimbo jaws of racist promoters ("I grip the .4, squeeze/ Two in your face, bitch/ Victor Ortiz") and ridicule lesser rappers, which in P's world is pretty much everybody that raps that isn't him ("I smack rappers and shoot haters/ Luca Brasi style, wild fish in the newspaper"). It all goes down over an agreeable and infinite loop from Kid Tsunami on a joint called "Bang Exclusive." Pow!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • ugly as fk/dejected beat maker

      keep them ugly beat-makers from appearing in rap vids... they got no business being there... tell them to get back into their bedrooms n studios...

      keep the blinds closed n go back to tappin out beats in the shadows...

      stop tryin to get in rap vids you done the beat for, just so you can show it to your nearest n dearest on youtube... n proclaim "thats me" in the vid... they don't care if you're "doin somethin with your life"


      lol jokin