1. Kid Millions — Motor City Rappin’ (Detroit Rap Mix) (AUDIO).

    This is dope with a capital D.

    Kid Millions Says: I’ve been working on doing regional rap mixes from all my digging trips over the last 12 years! This time I’m taking it to Detroit, MI for my favorites! Below is the track listing & be sure to check out dopefolksrecords.com when you get a chance! Sorry this mix is so short!

    1. Bad – N – Fluewnz — Nuttin Can Save Ya
    2. The Fat Child — Disco Era Remix
    3. Poetic Menace — Rhymes Of Daassassin (Get it at dopefolksrecords.com )
    4. Vicious Sire — Doin The Do
    5. E — Must Get Dissed
    6. Platinum — Come On , Just Do it
    7. Mac-10 — Soul On A Roll – (Get it at dopefolksrecords.com )
    8. Ms. Nikki D — Work That Sucka
    9. Da – Omen — Billy Bad Ass
    10. Mahony & The Chainsaw Massacre — Takin No Shorts
    11. Da Bandit — Neck Snapper

    [Via GRNDGD ]

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