1. Kembe X ft. Monster Mike — “Soul Fever” (AUDIO).

    Honestly, don’t know that much about this young dude Kembe X (or his rappin’ podna, Monster Mike ) except that this put-ya-in-the-right-mood track called “Soul Fever” caught us by pleasant surprise. The splendid selection outta Illinoize produced by Hippie Sabotage greets you like a bright sunshiny day. Yes, the two MCs do show their age by throwing the Yolo word around and acknowledging Lil B’s inspirational ways, but that’s not enough from stopping “old heads” from diggin’ the live-life-to-the-fullest message to the fullest.

    Kembe: “So put your hands in the air if you feel good/And your middle fingers up if you pissed /We all know life is a bitch/ But it’s also a bad one/ Plus you would be hella dead if you ain’t never had one/ Get off up your ass, son, go get you some shit/ Instead of sittin’ here bitchin’ about your issues and shit…”

    [Via The Fresh Heir ]


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