1. In the Mood for Some Freaky, Non-Stop Erotic Japanese Animated Pop Art? (NSFW VIDEO).

    What’s freakier than erotic Japanese cartoon art? Erotic Japanese cartoon art from the wild and crazy ’70s. Behold the eye-popping work of esteemed artist Keiichi Tanaami in his provocative short animated film The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors . That unsettling title should clue you in that the material here is at times mildly scary (there’s a writhing, naked female figure sporting more breasts than the Total Recall lady) and surely adults only with what looks like some cut-out softcore nudity from men’s magazines blending in with cartoon psychedelic lucky cats and a floating, topless vampire-like temptress. Viewer discretion is advised .

    P.S. Don’t understand a word of it, but the music is poppin’, too.



    The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors by Keiichi Tanaami (ANIMATION, 1975).

    (Props to Tomás Agustín Olano for the upload)

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