1. Keeling's Carribean Showcase.

    Keeling’s Carribean Showcase.

    Every first Sunday of the month, Keeling Beckford of Keeling's Reggae Music and Video shares his vast library of films, concerts and vintage dancehall parties.

    Box office open for advance ticket purchases Mon-Fri 12-6 & from 1 hour before until the end of all events.
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    Tickets $10 suggested donation, unless otherwise noted.
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    Sunday, Jan. 8th, 22nd & 29th

    Hit Me With Music
    Miquel Galofre, 2011, 74 min.
    30 years after Bob Marley’s death Jamaica continues to be on top of the world-wide music scene. Reggae has evolved to produce a new genre, Dancehall. Hit Me With Music is the first comprehensive documentary about the Jamaican dancehall scene, giving dance, style and fashion an equal treatment to its music. Through the protagonists of this documentary we get to know Dancehall and what it is about. A diverse group of individuals - dancers, dj's, producers, artists, school children and ghetto youth talk of the context in which these songs are born and what the phenomena represents in their life and the lives of many supporters. The film doesn't shy away from the problematic aspects of dancehall culture and nightlife - violent lyrics, the Gully – Gaza clash between supporters of Vybz Kartel and Mavado, the controversial subject of “Daggering”, the exploitation of women in the Go-Go, and the reasons why people bleach their skin, are all explored in this documentary. The film remains open about the issues without coming to a didactic conclusion, inviting enjoyment and discussion.

    Hit Me With Music

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