1. See, Hear: Kanye West Working in the Studio (2002).

    Nowadays Kanye West can’t walk through a mall without getting mobbed. But a decade ago it was a different story . In the above clip, we see a glimpse of a casually dressed Yeezy roaming around a local shopping center (either River Oaks or Evergreen Plaza mall… Chi Town readers please let us know the deally in the comments section) before heading to the studio. Once there, he wastes no time firing up the zip drive and perusing through some hot-ass beats, even stopping to freestyle a bit , as a gang of onlookers, uh, look on. If some of this footage is familiar, it’s because pieces of it were featured in the “Through the Wire” music video, including the moments with Jay-Z. The highlight is probably when Ye raps some of his verse that would end up on the Timbaland-produced song “The Bounce” from The Blueprint 2 , only here it’s over another track — and it’s on fire.

    (Props and thank you to CHANNELZEROTV.COM for the upload.)

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